I have not always followed politics. I was one of those people who believed that my beloved America was in honest, capable hands. I believed the leaders were wise and responsible enough to keep my country free. I trusted the men and women that were either elected or appointed to do what was best for ‘we the people’. I did not give it a second thought.

I woke up one morning and wondered ‘where is my America’? Something just did not feel right. I realized that the very people I trusted to keep my country free were corrupt. They held no interest in protecting me or my rights under the Constitution. I no longer held them in high esteem nor did I trust that their decisions were what was best for ’we the people’.

I look around and I see and hear what makes no sense to me. I see my flag being urinated and defecated upon by Americans. I see a people who are not Americans coming into my country and taking what they have not earned and destroying what they do not value. I read about babies both unborn and borne being murdered because they are expendable. I understand that our prisons are overrun with the outcasts of society but yet they are sheltered, fed and cared for at my expense. I witnessed the people voting God out at a political convention. I hear people saying “Merry Christmas” with hesitation. The list is long of atrocities and I have only mentioned a few as I am overwhelmed.

I love America. I love what she once stood for. I love the brave men and women who have served and are serving to protect this great land. I despise those who wish her harm. I cannot find language strong enough to voice my disgust at our present government. We have no creditable leaders in our country today. We have only examples of people who would lead us down a path of immorality, corruption and destruction. These people I refuse to follow. These people I do not trust nor respect.

I am not a doomsday prophet but I do believe that if America continues on this path, she will create her own doom. I also believe in a holy and righteous God and I see this country as a stench in His nostrils. I pray that moral and responsible people rise up all across America and reclaim her for God and His glory. AJS

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