My two cents worth…..

I have made many observations over the past four years regarding racism in America. I did not vote for obama in 2008 but I, like many others, hoped and believed that once in office, obama would be the great uniter. Unfortunately, in my opinion, he has proven to be the greatest divider. I harbor no such hope or belief at this time that there will ever be any good changes brought about by obama regarding racism in America. I believe that change has to be brought about by the people themselves.

Over the past four years I have also been following national events and politics a little closer than ever before. I continue to note that almost everything appears to offend many of the black Americans today. Yes, they accept praise well for their accomplishments as most of us do but we dare not criticize their shortcomings or failures. I find it very convenient, this ability of theirs, to hide behind the color of their skin when confronted with consequences involving their choices while at the same time expecting other ethnic Americans to own up to theirs. Equality has the same definition for all Americans. It is only when those who are truly racists on both sides of the color spectrum put conduct before color that we will make any progress toward eliminating racism in America.

I have envisioned myself many times sitting on my front porch. The sun is down and I hear noises from up the street. I look and in the darkness I can see silhouettes. In the darkness I am able to distinguish the shapes as human. As the humans draw nearer, I am usually able to distinguish the number of approaching humans as well as their gender and size. With the illumination from my porch light, I am then able to recognize their skin color. It is unfortunate that the light of day does not allow us the same opportunity to view all humans as humans first.

Skin color is not a choice. It is not an excuse. It is not a privilege. It is not a punishment. It is not a reward. God created variety in nature. God created variety in mankind.     AJS


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