California dreamin’ no more….

If you have family or friends in California, a nifty gift idea would be a copy of conservative author and California native Laer Pearce’s new book, “Crazifornia: Tales From The Tarnished State.” How did the economic powerhouse that WAS California devolve into the fiscal calamity it is today, and will what’s happening out there come to YOUR state in the near future? Those are some of the questions that “Crazifornia” answers in an easy-reading, very entertaining way.
As Laer says: “For 30 years, I’ve been helping clients deal with California’s increasingly anti-business attitudes and regulatory excesses. I’ve seen California’s dysfunction up close – something I wouldn’t recommend to the weak or infirm. Seeing California’s legislators and regulators in action has convinced me that the fall of this once-wonderful state is equal parts tragedy and comedy – which is why “Crazifornia” makes people laugh and cry.”
You can read a nice long excerpt at the book’s website: and can also order the softback or Kindle copies from Amazon via links there. Signed copies are available directly from the author via his ordering page.
With the info found in this book, you’ll know the REAL story why folks say that California is CRAZY!        The Kitchen Cabinet 2012

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