A Case for the Stocks… After hearing this morning that some vile excuse for human garbage had looted the damaged homes of Super Storm Sandy victims, the first thought that blossomed in my insufficiently caffeinated mind was that perhaps, in times such as these, reinstituting punishment at the stocks in the public square would be a fine display of justice. I’m not exactly sure why we got rid of this method of public humiliation, as it most likely vanished long before the days of liberal psycho-babble about everyone having an excuse or mental disorder that compels them to commit acts of personal violation against their fellow man. 

For those who might suggest that this would be “cruel and unusual punishment”, I would object. Such a punishment would only be cruel if the convicted person was subjected to torturous discomforts like watching Chris Matthews interview Nancy Pelosi or a repeating loop of the Red Sox 2011 and 2012 seasons, and said punishment would only be unusual if the criminal was dressed in a pink tutu and forced to tap dance while restrained.
Otherwise, I think this is just the kind of justice our country has been lacking. No slap on the wrist and vacation at a “facility” as a ”victim” of kleptomania.  No two month stint in the local jail with three square meals and TV-time. Nope, none of that,  just a good twenty-four to forty-eight hours standing in the local square for all the world to get a good look at. After that, they make restitution or commit to doing so as part of a long-term probation, and they spend the next several months apologizing and trying to earn the public’s trust once again.
We might be living in some very tough times. I’ve seen it first-hand. But those who think that some punk stealing the appliances or coin collection of someone who just lost their home is somehow more acceptable because they might have financial needs, are due for a good reality slap of their own.
The thievery that took place in recent days in the storm-ravaged area was not the desperate act of a father stealing bread for his hungry children. It was someone who had the “you-know-whats” to walk into someone else’s home and help themselves to anything of perceived value. Whatever the backstory, there is simply no excuse or justification for that. Perfect candidate for the stocks, period.

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